2019 Cook Islands Poseidon Gods of the World 3oz Silver Coin, 1/2 oz Australia Year of the Monkey, Goldback 1, 5, and 10 Bill

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utah goldback 24k gold currency

Introducing the Goldback - 24k Gold bills for any budget

The Utah Goldback is the first local, voluntary currency to be made of a spendable, beautiful, physical gold. The Goldback project began with the passage of the Utah Legal Tender Act in 2011 which recognized certain types of Gold as a currency within the state. Since that time the technology to mint gold into a usable form for small transactions has come to fruition.

Through cutting edge technology, a mixture of gold and argon atoms are evenly adhered to a strip of polyester, which is then covered with a thin, durable laminate. This process provides the bill with more durability, consistency, and precision than traditional gold foil methods.

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