2017 United States VIKING BERSERKER 1oz Silver Antique Coin

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The Vikings were a bloodthirsty Nordic tribe who traversed the seas as pirates, raiding, trading and exploring. Every detail of this bas-relief carving is exquisite and well thought out, from the rich texturing of the fur clothing worn by our Viking hero to the complex curves of Celtic style knot-work adorning his weapon.

The obverse displays our bearded Norse heathen with his battle axe in hand. But notice if you will the most striking feature - his eyes. When in his trance-like battle state, he was a crazy animal, driven by madness. 

The reverse captures a dramatic scene on the ocean waves, with a sea-serpent attacking a Viking longboat. Known in Norse mythology as the Jormungand or the Midgard Serpent, this huge beast represents chaos and a power even greater than that of the gods. The reverse shows our raging warriors fighting a fierce dragon-like sea monster. The Berserkers were often known to display superhuman strength. They took on the characteristics of wild bears and wolves, ripping apart their foes no matter how menacing. To the Berserkers, no enemy was too great – even a giant sea dragon.


Denomination: N/A
Country:   USA
Metal: Ag 999
Weight: 1 oz
Size: 39 mm
Finish: Antique
Additions: blockchain verified authenticity - etched coin 
Mintage: 5000 pcs
Date of issue:   2017
Accessories: COA - blockchain verified


Collections: Americas, Bullion

Category: 1oz, antique, blockchain, silver

Type: Silver Coin