Queen Anne's Collector Bundle

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Looking for the perfect Father's Day gift? Check out this month's collector bundle, featuring the Queen Anne's Revenge ship, . This beautiful 2oz silver coin comes with a stunning box (with working compass) as well as an assortment of gold and silver bullion. Here's what you get:

  • 2019 Republic of Cameroon QUEEN ANNE'S REVENGE 2 oz High Relief Silver Antique Coin, with certificate of authenticity and beautiful compass box
  • 2016 Australia Year of the Monkey Lunar Series II 1/2 oz Silver proof coin (uncirculated)
  • 2020 Goldback 10 denomination bill (1/100oz 24k Gold)
  • 2020 Goldback 5 denomination bill (1/200oz 24k Gold)
  • 2020 Goldback 1 denomination bill (1/1000oz 24k Gold)

Collections: Oceanic

Category: 2oz, antique, aurum, coloring, gold, high relief, mintage 500, silver

Type: Silver Coin

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