2017 Niue SPARTACUS Great Commanders 2oz Silver Coin

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2017 Niue SPARTACUS Great Commanders 2oz Silver Coin


We are delighted to present you a unique coin "Spartacus", which starts brand new series called "Great Commanders".

 Spartacus was an arranger and a leader of the biggest slave uprising in ancient Rome (73-71 p.n.e.). He created an army, which opposed rules of those days but in the end it was fought down by Mark Krassus, Roman chief. This five dollar coin, three-dimentionally, presents Spartacus fighting on his horse with Roman army. In the background we can see slaves and gladiators assisting his leader. Red gold platter imitating blood on insurgent's knives deserves particular attention.

The 3mm high relief makes a special impression because it created a very dynamic perspective. The obverse of the coin is a precised track of the battles for freedom in Italy and of course, a figure of the Queen Elizabeth II. The coin owes its unique design from colorful plattering, customized shape and antique finishing. This beautifyl coin is limited to 999 pieces.

Collections: Oceanic

Type: Silver Coin