2019 Germania Allegories - Columbia & Germania 1oz Silver Coin

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This beautiful "Columbia & Germania" coin is the second on the “The Allegories” series...a celebration of the “mothers of nations”. 

Obverse: A modern interpretation of both poetic personifications of America and the ancient Germanic land. In this second chapter of The Allegories, the feminine symbols of the United States and Germania walk together towards the future, symbolizing the common European past and tradition.

Reverse: The symbolism included in this design represents the moral principles and noble values, which are relevant till today. A wreath of oak leaves symbolizes loyalty, stability and national unity. In the past, only people who wielded enormous power – spirit, muscle or magic, could wear it. 

The shield is a defensive part of the weaponry used by horse and foot formations from the Bronze Age through antiquity to the Middle Ages. It has accompanied the images of the greatest warriors as it is an attribute of gods and heroes, symbol of truth, faithfulness and trust.

The crown in heraldry is a symbol of authority and nobility. The above mentioned symbols correspond directly to values represented by Germania and Columbia. 


Denomination: 5 Mark
Country:   Germania
Metal: Ag 999
Weight: 1 oz
Size: 38.61 mm
Finish: Matte
Additions: N/A
Mintage: 25,000 pcs
Date of issue:   2019-08
Accessories: N/A

Collections: Bullion

Category: 1oz, silver

Type: Silver Coin