2019 Niue Island ASSASSINS Nizaris 2oz Silver Coin

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2019 Niue Island ASSASSINS Nizaris 2oz Silver Coin

 The name Assassin was founded in the Middle Ages and described killers from a secret Muslim section operating in the Middle East. They aroused great, common fear and became a synonym of merciless murderers. For many decades they have been operating very effectively, killing on demand and remaining anonymous at the same time.

 Reverse: It presents three figures in characteristic costumes and fully armed, ready to fight. They hold gilded daggers in their hands. In the background, we can admire Alamut - a mountain fortress located in the Elbrus Mountains, which in 1090-1256 was a political center of Nizari's Islaimites. High relief perfectly highlights the smallest details of the project and the assessment of the sense of security that emanates the assassins.

Obverse: The central parts are the image of Queen Elizabeth II. Nominal, issuer and year information has been placed along the edge. The whole coin is decorated with a beautiful Arabian design, in which two daggers have been presented.

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Category: 2oz, collector, gilding, high relief, silver

Type: Silver Coin