2019 Niue SVETOVID Slavic Gods 2oz Silver Coin

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2019 Niue SVETOVID Slavic Gods 2oz Silver Coin

The outstanding 2 Oz Silver coin is the first release in the new “Slavic Gods” series and is dedicated to the Slavic God of War, fertility and abundance – Svetovid. The coin features an incredible oaken insert, has an Antique Finish quality and comes in a themed case, along with the Certificate of Authenticity. Limited mintage to only 500 pieces worldwide!

The stylistics of the coin refers to Slavic mythology. Her sophisticated decorations will delight even the most demanding connoisseurs of numismatics. Two ounces of silver of the highest quality, a timeless antique finish, a high relief showing the smallest details and anoak insert make this coin an elegant and unforgettable souvenir for all those interested in Slavic history and mythology.The coin dedicated to Svetovid is another in the series Slavic gods. Its circulation is 999 pieces.

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Category: 2oz, antique, high relief, silver

Type: Silver Coin