2019 Niue WOMAN WARIOR Amazons 2oz Silver Antique Coin

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2019 Niue WOMAN WARIOR Amazons 2oz Silver Antique Coin

This silver coin is the first edition of the new "Woman Warrior" series. The reverse shows ready to fight amazons. Selective gold plating emphasizes the high relief of the coin. An addition is an oak insert in the form of a shield of one of the warriors. The coin is in a wooden case. 

Amazons - according to Greek mythology it was a tribe of warrior women, descended from the god Ares and the nymph of Harmony. They inhabited the Black Sea coastline.

These warriors were an extremely brave, independent nation, formed a community only female, men considered as inferior. They dressed in the skins of wild animals, threw a javelin, shot a bow and rode horses. They had half-moon-shaped shields and feathered helmets.

They maintained relations with foreigners to support the family. Their male offspring killed or mutilated, or gave up to their fathers for upbringing, while their female offspring were educated in the art of war. It was believed that the Amazons removed the girls' breasts so that they would not be disturbed in tensioning the bow string or throwing a spear.

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Type: Silver Coin